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Rob N

I do things. Mostly computer things. Sometimes I write about them.

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I make computer things. Here’s a selection. For more you should look at my GitHub profile, where I post pretty much everything I do.


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By day I’m a DevOps monkey over at FastMail, though “platypus” might be a better title because I look like a bit of everything. I work on everything there, from hardware spec and installation all the way up to the web frontend. Most of my interest is in third-party service integration (eg “attach files from Dropbox”), middleware components like authentication, and of course lots and lots of systems monitoring and analytics.

I list it here because when you work in a startup culture on something you love, its hard to disentangle it from your home life. I consider this to be a feature.


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Pioneer is a space trading and combat sim in the tradition of the classics Elite and Frontier. Here I do a lot of C++, Lua and OpenGL and treat the game as a platform for learning about game design, UI, AI, and all sorts of other things. I’m also some kind of project lead here, trying to herd cats and taking care of the buildbots, the website and the code repository.