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A talk about Consul

I talked about Consul at Infracoders Melbourne


U 2 can U2F

A talk given at 2017


CompCon 2016 in review

In which a most excellent time was had by all.

A br1ef h1st0ry of [email protected]

A keynote given at CompCon Australia 2016

U 2 can U2F

A lightning talk given at YAPC:NA 2016

Cricket for girls

The Big Bash Leagues are helping me raise my girls


Voting for features is bad for all involved

Feature voting systems just push decisions you should be making onto your users. Don't do it.

The ribbon

The story behind my avatar photo

Adding XMPP support to nginx

We don't need no XML parser


Phillip Hughes

Retired hurt

Why I bought a Pebble

Know all the things

Introducing hopscotch, a tiny image proxy

The crazy things we do to keep the web safe

Dockerising a Perl application

Its like the new cgi-bin

SSRF protection in Perl

You're far too trusting

The new Gmail API

This doesn't change everything

Reply-to-all considered useful

Optimising for the common case


Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Internet