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Updated 3 weeks ago.

Its been a big week of milestones! My first major piece of work is done and going to the customer shortly, and my first invoice has been paid. Both are things that help me believe that this wasn't a totally crazy move to make.

Separately from the work though, the change I've really noticed is how clear my head is. My days are calm; I work quietly at home on interesting computer things; I help my kids with their stuff; I spend time with my wife; I walk to the coffee shop and back. There's no difficult conversations, no egos to massage or bruise and no hidden or competing agendas. I hadn't realised just how much energy I was expending on standing still. Now I'm finding it easy to make plans, to try new things, to remember the people I care about it, to laugh and to sleep. Not every day of course, but more days than not.